澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...





People always talk about youth, and describe it.


As rebellious, impetuous, reckless, and unruly…


And so, “Youth” seems to have negative connotations in most movies or literatures.


And so, we naively think we can always do whatever we want. If so, it’s probably just an excuse for all the reckless things we did, as if being young, every irresponsible behavior can be forgiven and blameless.

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...


Rather, I believe that ‘being youthful’ is being a positive practitioner, which is full of passion, energy, not affected by the age. Now that we have established our mindset, we ought to work hard regardless of many difficulties, then believe we will harvest our returns. Time waits for no one. Therefore, on my way of becoming 30 years old, I hope to spend every day with a brave, calm, and loving heart. Then, after preparing for nearly a year, I am finally on my journey……

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

October  13,  2019

凯恩斯   Cairns


Youth requires a rational plan

在2019年的7月,我获得了一张通往南半球的签证,也就是被国人称为一生只有一次的签证:澳洲打工度假签证。第一站,我选择了凯恩斯; 一方面在这里从事旅游餐饮业工作满3个月以上,可续签第二年(其他多数地方只能靠农场工作集二签,这还是要看每个人的意愿和自身体能来选择) 另一方面凯恩斯是旅游城市,在所有可集二签的地区中,能查阅的信息相对多一些,方便提前做一些准备。就这样,选了一个机票便宜的日子,在10月13日 我独自来到了这个陌生而又平静的小城,没有亲朋友好,但我早已做好迎接新生活的准备,兴奋且坚定。

In July 2019, I received a 462 Australian working and holiday visa, which is a permit to the southern hemisphere, and is also called by us as an “once in a lifetime visa”. 

The first stop I chose is Cairns for two reasons, the first was that working in hospitality and tourism in this city for 3 months can extend my visa for another year, but in most other cities, one has to work in a farm to apply for visa extension, and this also depends on one’s physical ability to work under such a condition; my second reason was that Cairns is a tourist city, gathering information before my trip was more convenient than for other more remote places, making it easier to prepare in advance.

Then, picking a day with a low-price air ticket, I flied to this unfamiliar and peaceful small town, without knowing any relatives or friends, but ready to welcome my new life, with an eager and determined heart.

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...


The first week in Australia

  • 10月13日 落地当天 办理电话卡/申请税号
    Oct.13, the day of arrival, applied for a local SIM card and tax number  
  • 10月14日 开通当地银行账户(这里我选择的是nab bank,不收月费)
    Oct.14, opened local bank account
  • 10月15日 办理bupa保险/找到可长租的住房,付定金
    Oct.15, bought an insurance, found a long-term renting accommodation and paid for deposit
  • 10月16日 考取了RSA酒牌(餐饮从业者 基本都要求这个证件)
    Oct.16, passed RSA(Responsible Service of Alcohol) exam and received my  certificate

在办理各项事务的期间,我就开始投简历了;以门店投为主,同时也利用了当地app平台(Seek,Gumtree job,Indeed Jobs)以及企业官网。
During this period, I started to apply with my resumes in person, online, and through local apps.

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...
澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

The 2nd week in Australia

  • 10月23日 试工意大利餐厅的帮厨
    Oct. 23, a work trial for chef position in an Italian restaurant 
  • 10月24日 试工西餐店的后厨、果汁吧台、咖啡师
    Oct. 24, a work trial for kitchen hand, juice maker, and barista in a restaurant
  • 10月25日 试工澳洲连锁咖啡店咖啡师
    Oct. 25, a work trial for barista in a local coffee shop chain

连着三天试工了三家白人餐馆,可惜没有那么幸运,没拿到offer; 但并没有放弃。为了在淡季能尽快找到可集二签的工作,我开始投些亚洲人的餐饮;而且扩大了投递范围,公交票2.9$可到达的地方,都有投。
Having done work trials for 3 days in restaurants that serve western food, unfortunately I didn’t get any offer, but I would not easily give up. In order to quickly find a position to extend my visa to another year in the low season, I started to submit my resumes to some Asian restaurants, and also expanded the geographical location of my intended work place to anywhere accessible with a 2.9$ bus ticket.

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

The 3rd week in Australia

  • 10月31日 面试华人饺子馆
    Oct. 31, an interview in a Chinese dumpling restaurant
  • 11月1日 面试华人火锅店
    Nov. 1, an interview in a Chinese hotpot restaurant
  • 11月2日 面试韩国人开的日料餐馆
    Nov. 2, an interview in a Sushi restaurant run by Korean

这一次,很顺利地拿到了2个offer;比较了下工资, 我最终选择了日料店。
At this time, I obtained 2 offers without difficulty, and after comparing the salaries, I chose the Japanese restaurant at the end.

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

11月5日,也就是来澳洲的第24天,我有了第一份工作,职位是服务员。这份工作虽称不上理想,而且作为店里唯一的中国人融入一个工作态度极度拼命的韩国集体也非容易;但为了独立生存,并有效集完二签, 任何大大小小的机会,还是都要抓紧并珍惜的。 就这样,在上岗培训两周之后(培训期间工资是15$/h) ,我转正了,有了合法的最低工资(19.5$/h)和super养老金,拿到了payslip,工时也稳定在每周38个小时左右。
On Nov. 5, which is the 24th day of my arrival in Australia, I got my first job as a waitress. Although this position is not most ideal job, and being the only Chinese to integrate into a hard-working Korean community is not easy, with the goal of being independent and wanting to extend the 2nd year visa effectively, I should cherish every opportunity. 
After 2 weeks of training, I became a “protected” employee which paid legal minimum wages and super (pension), meanwhile, I could also get payslip every two weeks, and my working time was established around 38h per week. 

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

After I first arrived in Australia, my new life  steadily went forward with all my youthful passion and courage. In this one and a half months, I had enough salary to support my life, gain new friendship, and live a desired life with serene happiness.

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I’m willing to 
take youthfulness
all the way south

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...

@Cairns,QLD 4870,Australia

澳洲WHV,带着青春在路上 Take youthfulness on the road...