At the beginning, I found that many backpackers came Townsville for Magnetic Island. However, I wanted to find a job here firstly, after settling down there, I can explor some interesting places around me. Without a stable life, it is difficult to truly enjoy here. But a month later, my situation is still the same, nothing has changed. I started planning to explore here first.



At the same time, one of my roommates, Boat, would leave there soon and like to travel there before he leaves. So we decided to go to Magnetic Island together. We hope more people can join us, because more people can bring more fun. We tried to ask more people in the hotel, and finally, we brought Antonio together.


I booked the ferry tickets for everyone online, 24$ each for round trip, we chose the earlier one, cheaper. But I really worried about Boat, can he get up at that time, because he always got up late.  Boat borrowed 3 snorkeling masks from Claudia. Then everything was ready,  we just waited the second day!




Boat didn’t disappoint me, and we got up on time in the dark and quite. There is a 20 mins walk from our hotel to Breakwater Ferry Terminal. We exchanged tickets with our online order at the counter. Then we boarded the boat smoothly and headed for Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island!

Magnetic Island

Boat and I took a lot picture for each other on the ferry. Antonio would not like join us, just sit in the corner and enjoyed himself. Actually, he disagrees with our way of traveling. After 20min on the ferry, we were in the Magnetic Island, all of us felt a little bit excited, after walking round there, we decided to take bus to the Forts.

 Magnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic Island



The Forts

It is said that we can see wild koalas in the Forts. But we had to climb that mountain, which is a bit difficult for me. I just followed behind them, like their little tail. Fortunately, these two bro didn’t give up on me. I was really worried that they would lose me at first. We found some good view there, and climbed almost every big rock we met on the way! And Boat and I always took a lot picture of people with our small phone, but Antonio would like to take picture of nature with his great camera. For me, I would like to take picture of me and scenery, and I think it makes more sense for me. The great scenery pictures can be searched on line.

Magnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic Island

It’s hard to climb!



Horseshoe bay 

There is still a long walking way to go from the forts to Horseshoe Bay. However, we got 3 people together, so we have a better time on the road. And we found a very beautiful secret garden on the road, but it was said to be private. Then I prayed Boat help me take a quick picture near the door. They despise me very much.

 Magnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic Island


When we got there, we had lunch and nap on the beach.Then Boat and I rent a small boat to have fun in the sea, Antonio just wanted to enjoy on the beach, and he was very nice helped us take care of our bags. We were just relaxing and enjoying slowly, so we spent too much time there and didn’t have time to go snorkeling on another beach. I feel very sorry! Because I had never experienced snorkeling before, but when I thought Boat was the one who borrowed snorkeling masks and always carried them, my mind was relieved. Later I snorkeled in other places, which is really interesting. Finally, we stayed there until sunset, and Boat said that he found the meaning of coming here, when we were on the boat in the sea, it was great!

 Magnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic IslandMagnetic Island

Now Boat is in Thailand, Antonio is in Italy, I miss the time in Townsville, and I miss them.  I am in Melbourne, but my mind is in China, I am waiting for back!



Magnetic Island