21. You got screwed



这时候你就可以说,You got screwed.

22.catch on

means understand, know sth; get popular.

举例:I should have caught on when she showed face like that.


23.steer clear of you

definition: avoind sth/sb that seems unpleasant

举例:they wanted their children to steer clear of the drugs.


24.keep fixating on sth.


举例:当某人不断地重复某个话题时让你感到不爽,你就可以说:“Can you stop keep fixating on that topic?”

25.Dear diary moment

Definition: this refers to an extraordinary circumstances.

比如说,当某人有幸能够和一个足球队长约会的话,她就会想要把date的经历写进日记本里来作为一种美好的回忆,这种日记通常是一种自己的私密日记。所以在写日记时,她们会称它为dear diary,有种和日记说话的意思,而有些人写着这个日记仿佛就像是写给自己的一位关系亲密的朋友。

26.get it together

Definition: make a decision or take a positive action in your life.


举例:Alison has really got it together since I saw her last time, she has started a new job and lost so much weight.


27.get ahead of oneself

Definition: act or plan prematurely or overconfidently or to do something to early.


举例:That last game suggests that we have been getting ahead of ourselves in praising the team’s progress.


28.take credit for


第一个是allow people to believe that one has done something praiseworthy, whether or not one has actually done it.其中还带有抢军功的意思。

举例:I really cannot take credit for this entire success./Toby took credit for everything which was done by Alex.(托比把埃里克斯做的事都归功于自己啦)


举例:I take credit for him.(我可帮了他大忙呢!)


Definition: full of hope; happiness and good feeling.

有时候不妨替换一下单词positive或是excited 这些已经用腻了的词汇吧!

30.live off sb.

Definition: depend on sb. to live.

举例:You cannot live off your parents for the whole life.


31.Are you through with sth?

这句话的意思同等于“Have you finished with that?”



32.put something in perspective

perspective = the art of drawing solid objects on a flat surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth and position  in relation to each other.


于是引申为:To clarify, appraise, or assess the true value, importance, or significance of something.

举例:You don’t think it’s a big deal? ok, let me put the perspective for you…(我现在把它的重要性告诉你)

33.fit into

Definition: be accepted by the people in the group or be a part of a group.(被一个团体或群组的人接纳或是变成这个团体的一员)

举例:Can I fit into this whole thing?


34.take some of the heat off sb.

Definition: to relieve the stress on sb.


举例:If you could say to her about this whole thing, it will definitely take some off the heat of me.


35.play very well

基本的意思就是比如你做什么事做的很好,you play it so well.

引申为两个小孩之间相处很好,they are playing quite well,但如果是形容两个成年人之间相处的不好也可以说they are not playing well.这里面就包含有他们处事不够成熟的内涵。

36.be trapped in

Definition: to be in a bad situation from which you cannot escape.


举例:She was trapped in the role of wife and mother.

37.step back

Definition: to temporarily stop being involved in an activity in order to think about it in a new way.


举例:Let’s just step back from the problem and think about what we could do.

38.hold up

Definition: to remain strong or successful


举例:I hope the repairs hold up until we can get to a garage.

当hold up后面加上somebody时有delay someone的意思(耽误某人)

举例:Sorry to hold you up-my train was late.

39.miss out

Definition: to fail to use an opportunity to enjoy or get an advantage from something.


举例:Do not miss out on the fantastic bargains in our summer sale.


40.lay the ground work

Definition: to create a foundation


举例:We are busy laying the ground work for another campaign.

41.what’s messing you up?

means the general same as “what’s the problem”. 

mess up本身有把事情搞砸的意思。


这两个单词看上去拼写几乎一样,但意思完全不同。loath是形容词,意思是不情愿的,reluctant;而loathe是动词,means to be disgusted with.

举例:He is loath to get out of bed on cold mornings.


I loathe you!(我鄙视你!)




I am so afraid something.


feel disgusting or perverted.

44.What is it about me?

means what quality of mine to cause a person to think of that way.



B:A is so unbearable

A(to C):What is it about me that would cause B to think that?



45.be vague about

等于be not clear about,对某件事模糊、不清楚的意思

举例:I was worried about you were gonna be vague about this.




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