We’re heaps good


-How many trays do you have today?
-trees? How many trees do I have?
-Yeah trays, like … how many you already have for today?
-Well how can I know the trees I have?
-You can … you can count.
-Yeah just count. like..err…it’s c-o-u…
-You mean count? But how can I count… trees?
-yeah counting trays. You don’t know? It doesn’t matter.
-No, I’m sorry. Ah …and never say cunt to others.
-Yeah it means …do you know pussy? Not cats, but err… it’s really rude. Anyway, never say that.
-Oh I know!





很多朋友说土澳人说话很快、口音又重、满口俚语,这可能跟土澳人laid back的天性有关。但对背包客来说,最容易熟悉的就是各种“缩法” (abbreviations/ diminutive words)。

(一)Words ending with O

abo: aboriginal, derogatory就是我们口中的阿宝,但这个词在澳洲贬损性很强,尽量不要用咯

aggro: aggresiveHe is pretty aggro.

alco: alcoholicHe is a bit alco.

ambo: ambulanceCan somebody call the ambos?

arvo: afternoonWhat are you doing this arvo?

avo: avocadoI love eating avos.

biffo: a fight with someoneThe kids are having a biffo outside.

Bottle-O: Bottle ShopWanna some alcohol from the Bottle-O?

compo: compensation paymentThe injured buddy is on compo now.

defo: definitelyI defo wanna go with u to the beach.

doco: a documentary filmCome over and see this doco.

devo: devastatedI was totally devo hearing this news.(2020 实在听到太多devastated了)

garbo: garbage collectorThe garbo comes every Wednesday.

hospo: hospitality (restaurant, hotel, cafe, etc.)I love to work in hospo.

journo: journalistI was a journo back in China.

mo: moustache澳洲有个Movember 的年度慈善活动,鼓励男性在11月留胡子,用以募捐并提高对男性健康问题(前列腺癌、睾丸癌、自杀等)的关注。

muso: musician

peto: petro I need to fill up the car with peto. 不懂这么短的词为啥也缩,现在在roadhouse工作的我也很少听到peto。

povvo: low quality, poorAt least give the povvo something to live for.

preggo: pregnantI didn’t use a rubber (避孕套) and now she’s preggo.

rego: car registrationMy rego is about to go out(过期).

relo: relativeThey are not my relos, just some friends.

reno: renovationCould you help me with the reno of the house?

roo: kangaroo

salvo: salvos stores (二手物品店)源自salvation army,遍布全澳的慈善机构救世军组织 

servo: service station, petro station

smoko: smoke break

typo: typing error, misprintJust discovered a typo in the cover letter.比如把from打成了form等。Typo也是类似无印良品的澳洲连锁创意小店。澳洲还有个很火的拼字电视节目Spelling Bee,消闲时可以看看。

vego: vegetarian (n/adj)形容词和名词都是这个。